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Favorite Plant Friday

Before Friday slips away I want to tell you all about a not too common winter blooming shrub; Edgeworthia chrysantha or Paper bush. Not particularly glamorous in summer months, it really puts on a show in mid to late February. It grows virtually maintenance free to about 5′ tall and wide. It is not fussy… Read More »

Favorite Plant Friday (Feb. 6)

One of my all time favorite large shrubs is Garrya or Silk Tassel. Garrya elliptica is a native of southern Oregon and California coastal ranges is a somewhat untidy evergreen shrub that produces these wonderful long catkins from late December through February. This Zone 4-9 shrub is beautiful when not in bloom as well. With… Read More »

Favorite Plant Friday (Jan 30th)

Here is one of my favorite garden plants, Euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’. It is considered a perennial but, it provides interest year round. This variety grows to 18″ to 2′ tall and wide and boasts narrow variegated leaves. The new growth is tinged pink. It produces clusters of bracts in the spring and hangs onto them… Read More »

For the Birds

I am a novice birder for sure but, I truly enjoy watching birds lap up the nectar and pulling seeds from the feeders I set out for them. In the spring and summer food and water is plentiful but, in the fall and winter, food sources become scarce so it is important to keep feeding… Read More »

Favorite Plant Friday (January 23rd)

For this installment of Favorite Plant Friday Ceanothus gloriosus is looking it’s finest in the middle of winter. This evergreen ground cover is very versatile. It tolerates full sun or part shade conditions and is drought tolerant. It blooms a tiny light blue flower cluster in later spring. It is best suited where it can… Read More »

New Year, New Inspiration

January 2015 slipped right on by me and here we are in the new year. The holidays were lovely and filled with quality time spent with family and friends. One of the things I love most about the Holidays is we use our beautiful Teak table and I get to have fun with the table… Read More »

Leave those Leaves!

Every fall we rake our leaves into neat little piles and stuff them into our yard debris cans. They are then hauled off to a yard debris center where they are composted into mulch for someone elses garden. We do this so our yards look tidy and neat but, what are we really doing? We… Read More »