Gardening is a Learning Experience

As I set forth with my new gardening experience close to the Oregon Coast I quickly realized my plan would need to change. The area I thought was morning sun and afternoon shade, perfect for Corydalis and Heuchera was actually full sun for most of the day!

This photo was taken in the early morning so you can see there is some shade but, of course, as the sun rises, this area gets blasted with sunlight.

For this area under the stairs, I am going to plant shrubs that are a bit taller (say to 3-4′ tall) in front of them to create more shade. I really like this combination and don’t want to lose it.

Now, in the areas where plants have died I need to fill those holes. So, my original plan changes…

I also want to begin to add some perennial color so I make up a sketch of the areas that I want to add color and with plan in hand I head to my favorite local nursery, Blake’s Coastal Nursery in Gleneden Beach, OR. So, I set about looking for perennials that would provide some color in the summer that get to about 2′ -3′ tall, that are easy to care for. I also needed a low, groundcover type plant to go in front of an Azalea. I love this nursery not only because the people are super friendly but, they carry anything that will grow and thrive at the foggy coast. So, anything I choose I can depend on it doing well in my garden.

This go around making a garden, I am going to save the tags. In the past inevitably, someone will ask me the name of a plant and I will have to say, “That is a Daisy something or other”. Not too good for someone with a degree in Horticulture.

Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue'

Scabiosa ‘Butterfly Blue’ starts blooming early in the spring and lasts into summer. The Bees LOVE it!

Coreopsis 'Early Sunrise'

Coreopsis ‘Early Sunrise’. I love this because it is so cheerful!

Leucanthemum 'Real Glory'

Leucanthemum ‘Real Glory’. I am a fan of traditional Shasta Daisies but, this one caught my because it is double. I have found out that it blooms for months and months!

I also purchased Crocosmia ‘Miss Scarlet’. They are bulbs so I was able to divide them and plant in a few locations nearby. I paced myself, stuck to my list of needs (I have a habit of buying too many plants and not enough time and energy to plant them) and within two hours I had 14 plants planted. Now I can move on to my next task of creating shade for my poor little shade lovers that are stuck in the sun!

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